High-performance agri-food processes in all sectors

From the bare product to the packaging of the finished product, for over 30 years, MCA Process has been developing food processes and systems in the following sectors: meat, prepared products, snacks, prepared meals, fish, preserves, petfood, etc.

MCA Process performs well in all processes

It guarantees:

  • the product supply
    (tilting, transfer in reception, separation, deviating)

  •  its preparation and processing
    (slicing, dosing, cooking, etc.)

  •  its weighing, its batching

  •  the transfer and management of flows

  •  the handling and removal of the product

  •  the quality control

  •  the packaging.

MCA Process’s rigour is found at every stage

Its priorities: hygiene, safety, rhythm.

MCA Process fully understands hygiene and cleanroom requirements (FDA/USDA certified materials, micro bill finish, etc.). Process washing and disassembly are integrated as soon as they are designed.

MCA Process adapts to all types of agri-food products

Whether the food is raw, frozen, cooked or marinated, MCA Process offers adapted processes, as well as difficult products (marinated meat, crepes, semi-cooked pasta, etc.).

Factories in France and abroad

MCA Process is particularly experienced in the production of complete agro-food processes and has become a key player in both French and global markets.

It has developed patents on very in-depth and specific technologies.


Z.I. de Kerdroniou

29 000 Quimper - France


+33 (0)2 98 52 77 00