Complete and tailor-made solutions, perfectly adapted to your environment

MCA builds tailor-made agri-food processes to suit your end product. It integrates the different systems. Processes include dosing and weighing systems, deposition robots, cases and crates, thermoforms, formers, closers and pallet unloaders to name but a few.

From the beginning, we take into account all your product restrictions, rhythm, space, humidity, etc.

Dès le début, nous prenons en compte l’ensemble de vos contraintes de produit, de cadence, d’espace, d’humidité, etc.

The name MCA is associated with several strong points


Precision in product assembly, high-speed lines (up to 700 products per minute), excellent efficiency, high degree of reliability.

Rigorous hygiene

Certified materials, micro billed finish, on-point tubing, continuous welding.

Automation according to your requirements

From product formation to palletizing, depositing, cutting, dosing, loading, all using simple processes.


MCA adapts to bared products, products that are difficult to handle (specific loading processes). Lines can handle multiple formats. Our experience allows us to work on various products (fresh, frozen, cooked, high or low pressure, of any shape).


The high quality of our equipment ensures low maintenance costs and long service life.

The economy

Our lines are designed for short-term profitability.

Our areas of expertise

Automatic Hamburger assembly line

Beef burger packaging

Automatic poultry packing

Ready meal process

Robotised Pick & place

Robotised retort loading/unloading

Robotised cartoning

Robotised case loading