Manufacturer and integrator of all types of process

MCA Process ensures the overall responsibility for the expected service. It designs and manufactures automated and robotized solutions for agri-food manufacturers (packaging, transfer, weighing, separation, etc.). When necessary, it integrates other systems, thanks to strong market-leading partners.


Equipment produced on-site

The MCA Process teams take the time to design plans with the customer, then the parts are produced in 3D. Proposals can be validated by robot simulations in real time.

This is a special characteristic of MCA Process : it has a large in-house sheet metal, machining and assembly workshop. In this way, all the construction stages of the equipment take place on its premises.

Thus, everything is adjusted and controlled at each stage. Its engineers and roboticists carry out tests and adjustments as they go along.

High health and safety requirements

MCA Process’s experience in the agri-food sector guarantees a service which strictly complies with the health and safety requirements at the forefront of the most demanding standards.

The use of stainless materials ensures perfect hygiene and easy maintenance of equipment.



Optimal integration

Beyond its competence as a manufacturer, MCA Process is also an integrator. It is able to take into account all types of existing equipment and deliver lines that integrate into a particular environment.

It adapts to the specificity of the product and the expected rate, depending on the space available. After the delivery of equipment, MCA Process is able to integrate a new one, depending on the needs, for example for new products.