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MCA Process Exclusive agent in France

Econo-Pak offers a wide range of equipment to meet your packaging requirements.

The company’s systems help to boost performance, flexibility and efficiency and feature a reduced number of components.

You are therefore guaranteed to achieve maximum productivity and enhanced quality, while keeping costs down.

• Forming machine

• Closing machine

• Case packing machine

• Vertical case packing machine

• Shrink-wrapping machine

• Box packing machine


Precise, hygienic, quick: The new MULTIPOND protein weigher is setting standards in the meat processing industry.

Weighing meat mechanically presents great challenges. Animal products are very sensitive, they remain adhered to many surfaces and have to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements. In refining the MP-16-3800-1250-J multihead weigher, MULTIPOND has created the optimum solution for the meat market industry: The benefits of the proven J-Generation system, where hygiene and leak-tightness of the machine are the main concerns, are combined with a multitude of optimizations especially for the meat sector.


The attraction of French expertise. An acknowledgment of French creativity and excellence. A sign of rallying and French pride.

A member of ADEPTA (Association for the Development of International Trade in Agri-food Products and Techniques), MCA Process is constantly expanding its exports.

As a Member of BCI (Brittany International Trade Agency), it participates in the influence of its region abroad.

Within the Product network in Brittany, MCA Process shares, together with 400 companies, the values ​​of quality and solidarity.