Experts in Convenience Food and Snacking

MCA Process' expertise in snacking is globally recognized

Leading hamburger producers throughout the world reach to MCA Process

MCA Process offers a line capacity of 150 hamburgers per minute, per line. MCA Process designs automatic lines including bread and meat debulking and various combinations

MCA Process  automates :

  • bread cutting (fresh or frozen), cheese, ham and bacon slicing
  • gherkin deposite
  • sauce dosing (with or without particulates)
  • top bun deposite

Bun shape :

  • round
  • square shaped
  • oval


  • flowpack
  • carton, with a susceptor if needed
  • thermoformed tray

Take a look at some exemples of MCA's Convenience Food installations


The most popular line from MCA Process is sold in France and ... almost everywhere in the world, from Brasil to Russia.

Full automation

This automatic hamburger assembly line perfectly illustrates MCA Process's expertise

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