High-performance agri-food processes for all sectors

From raw product handling to packing of finished products, MCA Process has been creating complete agri-food processes and systems for over 30 years in several food sectors : meat , processed products, snacking, ready meals, fish, cans, petfood, etc.

MCA Process is highly efficient in all processes

We can offer :

  • Product feeding (tipping, transfer, separation, debulking)
  • Product preparation and processing (slicing, dosing, cooking, etc.)
  • Weighing, and colating
  • Transfer and flow management
  • Handling and depositing of product
  • Quality control
  • Packing

Each step in the manufacture of your process will reflect MCA Process' precisions.

Our priorities: hygiene, safety, line capacity.

MCA's experience with raw meat handling meets the constraints of high care environment (FDA/USDA certified materials, microblasted finish, etc.). Washing and dismantling of our processes are integrated from the design.

Factories in France and internationally

MCA is particularly experienced in the design and manufacture of turnkey food processing and has become a leader of the French and worldwide market.

MCA-PROCESS has developed patents for advanced and specific technologies.

We adapt our lines to all types of food products

MCA offers adapted processes, may your product be raw, frozen, cooked, marinated, fragile or difficult to handle (e.g. marinated meat, pancakes, semi-cooked pasta...).